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Check out what our members have to say on areas such as study advice, better tutoring techniques, education in Hong Kong, schooling in Hong Kong etc.

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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in General
Term Papers College is a reputable website backed by an experienced staff of friendly and knowledgeable academic advisors. We have more than 200 writers who have all participated in contributing to our stellar reputation.
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In the recent past, many parents in Hong Kong have been embracing additional tutoring for their children. Ideally, no parent would ever want to see his or her child performing poorly, thus the robust efforts put in place in order to foresee the student succeed in school academically. Moreover, it is evident that the only way to succeed is by getting the right grades that will enable smooth joining of higher education.

Actually, in Hong Kong, private tutoring is among one of the essential ways that facilitate excellent academic performance of the students in school. This is so because the private tutors have specialized in specific subjects such as, math or English. More so, their services are individualized, thus increasing more concentration on a student weakness, thus being able to perform better.

However, it can be tricky to select a right tutor for your child, owing to the rising number of tutoring services in Hong Kong. In the past, the children’s schoolteachers, or relevant bodies recommended tutors. However, there is also ways of getting top-notch private tutors by making use of free sites such as Tutor Gate. At Tutor Gate we think it’s important that tutors explain their tutoring style and abilities on their profile. This in turn helps parents and students decide if the tutor is the right one for them.

Private tutoring simply means that individuals have the freedom to work as per their schedules, and more so, study from the comfort of their home, thus reducing the time wastage that could have occurred whilst travelling to school.

Using a private tutor does give you an edge over the regular teaching, as it will almost always increase the children’s education possibilities, owing to the utmost understanding that most of tutors usually develop with the students through 1 on 1 interaction on their specialist subjects. Moreover, at one point in time, the private tutors were in the same level or position as the children or student, and they know perfectly what it entails. Because of this, they will pass their experience to the students, thus enabling them to tackle issues accordingly, and turning out to be successful in the end.
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As an undergraduate at New York University I learned self-hypnosis for studying and taking exams.  I used this technique, which focuses on harnessing the abilities of the unconscious mind, quite successfully throughout undergraduate and graduate school and never once blocked on an exam.  Quite the contrary, I had effective recall of what I had studied and remained calm during exams when other students around me were riddled with test-taking anxiety.

Subsequently I have taught this easy to learn self-hypnosis technique to students and adults of all ages who have also reported excellent results using it.

Typically I meet with each student for one 50-60 minute session in which

I gather information about how the student currently studies, any psychological, environmental and/or physiological blocks interfering with studying or exam taking, and address those as best I can prior to, and in constructing the individualized part of the protocol.

I then teach this self-hypnosis technique and take the student through it via hypnosis so they have a direct experience of how to put themselves into a hypnotic state.  The actual experience of the self-hypnosis is very important, and quite pleasurable.

If a student wishes to be seen for further treatment they can, but this is not necessary.

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Posted by on in General

The first thing in the quest of getting the best out of a tutor is select the right tutor. Actually, this might sound stupid and common, but if you do not make an informed decision, a student will face dire consequences in the future. However, after getting him or her, what can you do in order to grasp the most out of the program? A student should meet with the tutor prior to the session. This will enable the student to know the personality of the tutor, and understand each other very well. Sometimes, a good tutor is that one who will develop a good rapport with the students, where it will allow the students to freely interact with the tutor and ask any question.

Actually, while many students in Hong Kong are enrolling into this program, it is important that they proactively make the most out of the sessions. While with the tutor, a student should follow the following tips before, during and after the tutoring session in order to get the most out of it.


A student should come prepared with the required materials, and check if there are any exact problems pertaining a certain subject. Moreover, a student should clearly identify any difficulty he or she experiencing.


During the session, the student should be ready to learn, more so open up and tell the tutor whatever he or she feels like. Jot down notes of important things, which will allow you to apply the new approaches and concepts in the preceding assignments. Be keen as well while you are being taught so that you may grasp as much as possible.


While now revising on your own, the student should use the notes he or she wrote, so that it may be of great help. Furthermore, the student should review the tutoring and school notes prior to working on the assignments. Then while doing the homework, he or she should record down any problem so that it could be raised in the next tutoring session. Concisely, by adhering to the above simple tips, a student will be surprised to have gotten a lot out of the tutoring in the long run.

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Posted by on in General

When choosing a tutor, it is prudent to make your decisions and choices depending on the quality of the service, rather than the price. There will always be cheap tutors in the market, but in most cases you get what you pay for. Make sure you do the following when choosing your tutor:

  1. You should check the tutor’s academic qualifications that are being advertised.
  2. You should independently get references from previous students or parents who have used the tutor.
  3. Has the tutor taken the time to write a well written profile? If not then this could be a sign of a lazy tutor.

A right tutor should have good teaching experience and sound references. This will ensure you get the right level of tutoring to excel. Moreover, the tutor must be a patient and pleasant natured whilst motivating the student. He or she must make the child feel comfortable with him or her and freely ask questions without the fear of prejudice.

Doing all the above steps will definitely make the child benefit the most of the tutoring program, rather than assigning any tom, dick and harry to tutor the weak student.

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Posted by on in General

Owing to the additional benefits of tutoring, this process is now gaining massive following among many locals and expats in Hong Kong. The current education system in Hong Kong has many students against relatively few university places, thus making it harder for students to excel. Thanks to private tutoring, students can arrange with tutors how to go about their studies at home. Private tutoring is being embraced more in Hong Kong as it helps the student concentrate on areas of weakness. If a student is struggling in a certain subject, efforts of commencing private tutoring can be initiated in order to work on that weakness. The tutor will actually work on the weakness, thus making the student to be bright in the end.

However, it is very important for parents and students to understand when to tutor, and when not to tutor, what excellent tutoring looks like, and how they can increase the tutoring success.

Private tutoring has been proven many times to improve your chances of higher grades and better understanding of subjects which it so popular in Hong Kong and other Asian countries.


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Posted by on in General

There is no shortage of expats that call Hong Kong home. This is to be expected given that Hong Kongs economy is flourishing and that the country is considered one of Asias international hubs (the other being Singapore). Expats are also comfortable in Hong Kong due to its international vibe and the fact that most of its citizens have no problem communicating in English, albeit the Chinese accent it is tainted with. Its educational system, residential areas, and social avenues are also at par with the finest that the world has to offer.


However, this does not mean that the entire scenario is hitch-free. Unfortunately there are schooling problems experienced by expats in Hong Kong. Truth be told, this is to be expected as despite the fact that the education here is world-class, sometimes the issue has to do with a child having to adjust to a completely academic and social culture. The educational system may be different than what they are used to back home. Additionally, they can encounter problems with the language of instruction if their first language isnt English or if their school requires that Mandarin is taught in a class or two. To remedy these, it might benefit a child to be provided with Hong Kong private tutors and to be briefed on what to expect in class so that they do not get overwhelmed or shocked.


In addition to all this competition for international schools is a major downside in Hong Kong and some expats unfortunately can't afford to pay the huge depentures and levies required to jump the waiting lists.

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The prevalence and popularity of online tutoring has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. This is true in Asia and in many other countries around the world. For instance, in Hong Kong, Hong Kong private tutors and Hong Kong tutoring services abound online. This growth of online tutoring can be attributed to the takeover of the digital world when it comes to how things are done in numerous sectors. Because of the advancement of technology, now it is possible to do things over the Internet (Skype, Facetime...) that were never dreamed or imagined to be possible before.


Online tutoring has become popular due to the convenience and lucrativeness that it offers both the service provider and the recipient of the service. How so? Because of online tutoring, parents essentially pay for the job to be done by someone else. No longer do they have to spend time on creating a lesson plan or reviewing their child for their exam, but instead they can rest assured that a professional is taking care of the job.


Secondly, online tutoring is highly convenient for both the tutor and the tutee as neither one has to leave the comfort of their home or office in order to get the job done and receive what both wish to — a fee and a high quality, fruitful learning experience. This allows both parties to save money as well as neither will have to spend on transportation expenses.

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Posted by on in General

The Hong Kong education system is one of the most lauded and respected in the world. While it is not without its criticisms, the success that it has seen comes as no surprise given that Hong Kong was once a British colony and thus, its educational system is modelled in a similar fashion to the UK.


The school year in Hong Kong runs from September through June, as in majority of the Western hemisphere. At present, students in Hong Kong start off in kindergarten and remain here for three years. Kindergarten schooling is voluntary in Hong Kong. However, this is not the case for other levels, which are either compulsory or selective as mandated by the government. Primary education lasts for six years while junior secondary education runs for three years. Senior secondary education or high school lasts for three years. Lastly, tertiary or college education has no set number of years as it is dependent on the course that the student chooses to take up.


The academic environment in Hong Kong educational institution is not without challenge and perhaps this is one reason why Hong Kong tutoring services have been in demand in recent years.

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Hong Kong is one of the most developed countries not only in the region of Asia, but in the world as well. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it is a great place to live, work and play as it has much to offer. Not to mention, it is also a viable option to receive world class education. No wonder so many expats are comfortable with their lives in Hong Kong and take no issue with raising their families there.


But with the high performance level in Hong Kong, there is no doubt that the pressure is equally high for students to perform beyond their capabilities in the academe. This can be a struggle for some and has even led to a number of suicidal incidents in the country. Clearly, the pressure has become immense for some and too much to handle.


With this in mind, it is ideal that parents keep in mind that there should be a clear balance between work and play for their children. It might also be helpful to hire Hong Kong private tutors to help out with ensuring that children learn what they need to in a fun, professional and informative manner.

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Posted by on in General

Hong Kong has consistently received high ratings when it comes to global assessments of educational standards and achievements. How did this come to be?


First off, its important to understand that Hong Kong was once a British colony and thus compared to other countries in Asia, it has the advantage of having a English educational system as a foundation. Secondly, Hong Kong is a developed country and thus they have no problem with acquiring funding for their education sector. It is also fortunate enough to have leaders that actually put a premium on ensuring that children receive the best education possible.


In Hong Kong, teachers are compensated well and receive competitive benefits. Hong Kongs laws have also ensured that children are educated as they should be in terms of making specific grade levels compulsory.


Last but not least, parents in Hong Kong also understand the sheer importance of ensuring that their children receive a world-class education. Whether this means investing in Hong Kong private tutors or paying top dollar to send their kids to the best schools, it is clear as day that education is a priority in this country.

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