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Welcome to Tutor Gate!

Hong Kong Private Tutor Service

Hong Kong is a place of immense diversity and nationalities that come together for the main reasons of commerce and success in business. When the world looks to the East for a place of productivity, Hong Kong is the first city to look at.

Students and Parents can feel the pressures of achievement in such an environment. There is an inordinate amount of need to have students do their very best. That’s where Tutor Gate plays a big role in the students’ futures. 

Are you a student or parent looking for a private tutor?

Tutor Gate is a free web portal that allows students and parents to access local Hong Kong tutors for any subject. There are lots of tutors available and the tutors have profiles of what they are about to help in the search. Tutor Gate displays private tutors offering a range of subjects such as English and Maths along with niche subjects like languages at different levels. Finding the right tutor is simple, and quick.

Are you a private tutor? Are you looking to start a full time or part time career in tutoring? 

Private tutors in Hong Kong can register for free with us and begin advertising their private tuition services on our site. 

Other competitors charge fees to tutors and students. Tutor Gate is completely free to use for tutors, parents and students. Our goal is make educational opportunities as easy as possible for those in Hong Kong that desire the best education possible.

Simple And Secure

Search to find the best tutors in your area.Communicate with tutors and check out their blog entries and reviews.

We provide the largest selection of highly qualified of private tutors in Hong Kong. Tutor Gate provides a real time environment for tutors and students to contact each other. Students and parents can search and review tutor profiles to make an informed decision on which tutors to contact.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Tutor Gate aims to provide you with easiest and most convenient way to find and contact tutors for free!

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